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Wisdom and leadership of a Pythian member will assist you in your decision to become a Pythian. Prior to your petition for membership, questions such as: 

  • Do you believe in a Supreme being?

  • Are you a Felon?

  • Have you applied previously to the “Knights of Pythias”?

You will pledge your solemn obligation to obey the obligations of this Order.


You will be invited to a lodge function by your sponsor such as a family dinner, lodge dinner or dessert night to get acquainted with the membership prior to your application being approved.  Each lodge will form an investigating committee of three Pythians once your initiation fee and petition has been completed. This committee will either give an  approval or disapproval on results of its findings. Once recommended for acceptance the lodge will vote to accept or reject your petition. Your acceptance will begin your Pythian experience of which you will be qualified to receive the three ranks of the Order. 

What Pythianism Offers


Pythianism offers a happy field for exchange of social fellowship necessary to a successful life. Men cannot live for self alone with paying the price-and price is too great.


Pythianism offers, particularly to young men, an opportunity to meet upon an equal footing the highest class of our citizenship, and to cultivate friendship long-lasting.


Pythianism offers a liberal education to any man in the art of speaking in public and absorbing by actual use ideas as fine, expressed in words as beautiful, as were penned in the English language.


Pythianism offers, through its ritual, lessons so impressive they will never be forgotten, and be used in our daily lives.


Pythianism offers unlimited opportunities for unselfish service to man.


Pythianism offers companionship and fellowship with an organization who great heart beats with the vibrant pulse of love, whose members are imbued with the principles of friendship, charity and benevolence, and its influence to make a better husband, better father and a better citizen.

How to Become a Knight

Call or Email
Phone: 910-988-1694


This is the first step in your education of the most basic principles of our Order-FRIENDSHIP. We instill in the candidate a strong bond of union between man and man in mutual confidence. Damon and Pythias exemplified in the life test of true friendship. Practice of fraternity and benevolence toward your brother is the key in this rank.



This is our second step in the Pythian education to teach the principles of caution in your dealing with mankind. Esquire in the days of chivalry was the shield bearer to the Knight.  The Esquire is a gentlemen and his honor which he bears with caution towards others.



This is our third and final rank in becoming a Pythian Knight. Lessons in Friendship and Charity towards your fellow man, obedience to authority, while on guard lest you do that which you will regret. The test of moral courage based on all demands you have learned in previous ranks will stand you in good standing to be rewarded with this lesson of your true courage. Once you have acquired the rank of Knight you are welcomed into the mystic circle as a full member of the Knights of  Pythias with all the rights and privileges that are bestowed to you by our Noble Order.

What Pythianism Teaches


Pythianism teaches the great principle of life. It teaches courtesy, kindness, natural sympathy and helpfulness in the trials and difficulties incident to human life, and the love of fair dealing between man and man.


Pythianism teaches patriotism and real Americanism  of the most exalted type. It teaches us to be interested in public affairs-national, state and local; to be eager for the social betterment of the communities in which we live; to be honorable and just in business; to be loyal to home and fireside; to respect the law of our land; to love our flag, and to uphold our government. It teaches us to have faith in God and faith in our fellows; to live lives of moral purity; to be just and generous; to forgive the mistakes of our fellows; to lift up the fallen; in short, to “Do noble things-not dream them all day long.” True Pythianism enjoins upon the strong that they help the weak, and upon educated that they help those who lack the opportunities for education.


Pythianism teaches the neophyte to cultivate a friendship for his fellowman, so that he will not only be his friend when he basks in the sunlight of prosperity, but a friendship which will make him charitable in criticizing his shortcomings and staunch in defending him against unjust censure; a friendship; which will urge him to say the kind words and to do the generous deeds today, for tomorrow it may be too late.


Pythianism teaches us to be gland when our brothers are prosperous and happy; to rejoice in their successes; to cheer for their victories; to be compassionate and helpful when they are distressed and miserable; to grieve over their failures; and to help them in their troubles.


Pythianism teaches the highest duty which we owe to our families, ourselves, our neighbors, our friends, our community, and our country.

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