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The Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythians of the Domain of North Carolina founded the scholarship foundation for the purpose of providing scholarships to worthy high school seniors and qualifying undergraduate students that attend any 4-year university to major in any higher level academic discipline. Scholarships are usually for $1,000 but are dependent on funding that is available in the scholarship fund.


The recipients of the scholarship are selected and administered by the College Foundation, Inc., Raleigh, NC. The College Foundation has been the central loan originator for educational loans made under the North Carolina Federal Family Education Loan Program since 1955. The scholarship selection process is independent and all members and recipient dependents will equally and fairly compete for a scholarship regardless of influence or office held by the sponsor.


Students that are members and recipient dependents are encouraged to apply for the scholarship.  Scholarship applications may be obtained from any subordinate lodge financial secretary or from the grand lodge secretary.  Instructions for submission are included on the applications.

Applications must be verified by the subordinate Lodge's financial officer to document the eligibility of the application's sponsor. Scholarship applications should be mailed to the College Foundation no later than May 1st of the year which the scholarship will be awarded.

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