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Welcome to Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias Domain of North Carolina!
On behalf of the Knights of Pythias, Grand Domain of North Carolina, and in the spirit of Friendship, Charity and Benevolence, you are invited to look at what our Domain has to offer.

The Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias Domain of North Carolina is part of an international non sectarian benevolence fraternal order which is engaged as it's core mission in helping Humanity. The Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias Domain of North Carolina has jurisdiction over all subordinate or local lodges in North Carolina who are part of an international fraternal organization which is non political which is the FIRST AMERICAN FRATERNITY ever to be Chartered by an Act of Congress of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


Our noble Order originated a membership of five, on February 19, 1864 appearing like a shinning star in the midst of swirling war clouds with its message of  “Peace on earth, good-will to men,” marking untold service toward reuniting warring sections of our land.

Fraternity has proven its value in its work, with outreach socially and economically in communities large and small. It demonstrates as a bridge between our homes and religious institutions in the moral advancement of the country.  We emphasizes the Golden Rule to exalt manhood and character expressing love and sympathy merely by service in working for others rather than self.  

Knights of Pythias is 100% an American organization being instituted under the Stars and Stripes; but by no means has limited in its membership or influence to that of the United States. We hail the constituted authority under which we enjoy our citizenship, whether it be the United States of  America or any other government of the land in which we live.

Our noble Order has been exclaimed as the “real deal” in which we join with like-minded individuals who help humanity; assisting the burdens of unfortunate brothers; alleviating suffering in storms or floods; providing food for the hungry and clothing for the destitute; relief of fires, explosions and disasters; concern for the widows and orphans of our membership.

Helping humanity is the core mission of the Pythian world, and what a wide field there is for this work.  We strive to make our world a better place in which we work and live through love of home, true regard for our fellow-man, protect our loved ones, care to widows and orphans and brothers who need our aid.

We are non-sectarian and non-political with belief that our existence is based on a Supreme Being and love for our country. If you have a desire to become a member, please contact us. We can put your request in motion.

Our order is a model of our founding father's concept of government. We are well organized and equipped, appealing to the intelligence and patriotism of its citizens, possessing practical and elevating ceremonies, favored by jurisprudence unequalled in the realm of fraternal government-why should it not become the greatest and most popular agency for dissemination of practical fraternity?

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