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Our Order Knights of Pythias was founded in Friendship, Charity and Benevolence, which it proclaims as its cardinal principles - strives to gather into one mighty fraternity of  worthy men who appreciate the true meaning of friendship, who are cautions in word and deeds; who love the truth; who are brave in defending the right; whose honor is untarnished; whose sense of justice will prevent, to the best of their ability, a personal act or word injurious to the worthy; whose loyalty to principle, to family, to friend, to their country and to the constituted authority under which they enjoy citizenship is undoubted; and who, at all times, are prepared to do unto others as they would that others should do unto them.


Fraternity has proven its worth by its works, touching as it does the vital factors and forces in our many cities, towns and community in our continent. Knight of Pythias is one of the great organizations of fraternity, and has a large following in its membership, of the societies of its kind  in the Western Hemisphere.


When and where every Pythian seeks to make the world better, brighter and happier, that emphasizes the Golden Rule, that exalts manhood and character, that stress the best ideals of life and expresses love and sympathy by its mere service, that works for others rather than self, has a rightful claim to the esteem and cooperation of all good men everywhere. 



Pythianism means a genius for friendship, pledged in secrecy, tested in trial, manifested in the sick room, made known in the hour of death-a friendship which a thoughtful man may trustfully leave as a legacy to his wife and children.


Pythianism means a true circle of genuine mourners in the hour of death, to close the eyelids of the weary, brush away the tears of the bereaved, place a rose on the grave of the departed, and returning to the home and haunts of loneliness, seeing to it that a loaf is provided for the hungry and protection guaranteed for those who deserve the guardianship of love. 



Pythianism means a voluntary system of social service, with no hope of reward other than the joy of a good deed well done and the perfume which sweetens the soul when the flowers of memory begin to bloom.


Pythianism means an organized force in the body politic, standing for the preservation of every Christian virtue.

Pythianism is one of the sweetest flowers ever planted in the human heart, to grow and enrich human life by its mellowing influence.



Pythianism means a beautiful ritual, radiant with golden truths, bright with the silver threads of Divine principles, and studded with the living jewels of great illustrations drawn from Scripture, history and literature.


Pythianism means the social atmosphere of the lodge room, where sincerity looks into face of sympathy and where great universal thoughts reign in every heart.


Pythianism means the brotherhood of man, the exemplification of the Golden Rule, the advancement of morality, the elevation of citizenship, and the building up of higher ideals of life.

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