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Knights of Pythias was instituted in Washington, DC on February 19, 1864. This order was the First Fraternal Order to receive a charter from the United States Congress. This is truly an American Institution which brought order out of chaos after the War Between the States. We believe in a supreme being and uphold our country above all others. We have set aside personal differences and continue to work together for community, our state and nation. We have always been there for community and nation when disaster strikes since our founding.

Belong to an order that can make a difference in your Life and the lives of others. Your gift is greater when you can share it. Come join our journey. If you share our dreams and hopes for a better mankind then let us know and contact us for more information. We have several lodges in our State and perhaps one is in your area. Come Visit Us!


Knights of Pythias Grand Domain of North Carolina was instituted December 21, 1871 in Wilmington, North Carolina by the Supreme Chancellor Commander Samuel Read. The Three lodges in Wilmington, NC were Stonewall Lodge #1, Clarendon Lodge #2 and Germania Lodge #3. The fourth lodge became Centre Lodge #4 from Raleigh, NC and finally the 5th, which makes a Grand Lodge, was Cumberland Lodge #5 from Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Grand Lodge of North Carolina eventually grew to 280 Lodges within the State of North Carolina. It has been said of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina by William Kennedy the following: "The Grand Lodge of North Carolina has been singularly blessed, and while among its executives, there have been men of varying caliber and mental strength, yet all of them have been earnest and faithful servants. Among themselves, the North Carolina Pythians have been indeed, a happy family. Once, the writer was a 'stranger within their gates', and experienced a hospitality that knew no metes or bounds." This statement is true today just as it was One Hundred Years ago- You will find no strangers among us.

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