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Cumberland Lodge #5

Charitable Events and Programs

Read to Ride

The Read to Ride program was started five years ago in 2016. Today, 34 elementary schools in Cumberland County participated. We gave out 5,000 certificates. Last year (2020) all 51 elementary schools in the county participated and we gave out over 9,600 certificates of merit recognizing all the first and second graders who completed their reading assignments for the year. At each school all of the kids’ names who completed the reading assignments were put into a drawing, one for the boys and one for the girls. The names drawn, two at each school, won a new bicycle and helmet donated by the Cumberland Lodge No. 5 Knights of Pythias. Last year we had twelve sponsors who helped with the cost of the program. It is a great program that helps give the kids an added incentive to complete their reading requirements.

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